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Chitose Get You!!

Loại: TV
Số tập: 26
Phát sóng: 02 Tháng Bảy 2012 đến 24 Tháng 12 năm 2012
Nội dung:
Chuyện kể về Chitose 11 tuổi, học sinh tiểu học lớp 5 trên con đường chinh phục Tình Yêu của mình 

Solo Kawaizu
Uploader Missnight

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tem :nghiem:
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tem bưu thiếp ah anh sói :mon:
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hàng nóng :mon:
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Hi Alejna --Teeheehee re your Sapporo Beer Museum comment. From what I've given to utnersnadd, the Sapporo Breweries were established by foreigners (I'm thinking Germans, like with Tsingtao) and for the first few years of its existence, it only brewed beer for foreigners in Japan since the Japanese wouldn't touch the stuff. How things have changed! ;DRe the bento: Actually, I got it at the airport to eat on the plane as, what with it being a fairly short plane ride, I figured correctly that we wouldn't be served anything to eat.And BTW, glad you do think those sculptures are of owls too... ;bHi Glenn --If you see the "YTSL's photos" tag/label on an entry, then you can be assured that those photos were taken by me... And thanks but I think not re a second career in food photography: For one thing, I have a tendency to get so excited around certain foods that my hands shake -- cf the photo of the fugu sashimi! ;(Hi sbk --The part I enjoyed the most at the beer museum was at the end when you got to sample some draft beers at 200 Yen a glass. Tried a couple... and THEN went to the biergarten for the Genghis Khan and the large(r) mug of beer! :oRe food photo taking: Believe it or not, my Panasonic DMC TZ2 actually has a "food" setting and think it helps for me to use it when taking food photos. Does at least one of your cameras have a "food" setting too?And oh my yes re my having more photos from my recent Japan trip -- in particular, must admit to going really snap-happy at Himeji Castle... :bHi "eliza bennet" --Glad you (and the other commenters) have been enjoying my photos and you (guys) are indeed encouraging me to post more of them.As for your posting information re other websites: You're allowed since I know you're not doing it for commercial reasons... :)

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