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OVA-Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection (2009) CD1

Tên phim: Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection (宇宙戦艦ヤマト 復活篇 Uchū Senkan Yamato: Fukkatsu Hen)
Thể loại: Khoa học viễn tưởng,Hành động,Phiêu lưu mạo hiểm
Đạo diễn: Yoshinobu Nishizaki
sản xuất: Enagio Ngày phát hành: 12 tháng 12 năm 2009
Thời lượng: 136 phút
Rating: 7.8/10
Nội dung: Bộ phim lấy bối cảnh năm 2220, khi trái đất có nguy cơ bị nuốt chửng bởi lỗ đen. Trái đất phải di chuyển toàn bộ dân số vượt 27000 năm ánh sáng để đến hành tinh Amahr, nằm trong dải Sairam, vượt qua khoảng không gian vũ trụ do đế quốc thù địch SUS kiểm soát...

Trans: alone166/Pain

Chính Tả CD1: H.H

Edit + Enco: xzhggv




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CD2 đâu anh :mon:
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Sax! vừa down phim live action xong cách đây 5p :bitchplz:
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Vâng @@! alone166 @@!
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nhìn cái down này khó hiểu vãi mà sao lại là Fshare
You voted 'Gay'.
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dễ hiểu mà DVD la 1ep không bị chia còn cd1-2 là bị chia............! còn sao mà dùng Fs thì tk vip nên không sợ bị xoá mấy hôm nữa up thêm vài host khác
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It's no surprise Clannad is so puolpar. If it ends up on 4chan that's that, and given the numbers of suckers for Kanon, well I'd be quite surprised if you liked Clannad to be honest. You actually have *good* and refined tastes. That's not to say Clannad is bad I watched the first episode and it's quite okay and enjoyable but it's just typical stuff and if it's going to be the best series of the season we're in trouble (unless it develops amazingly, but I somehow doubt it). It's just the same old obviously lifted from an H-game anime, with the signature Key / Kanon elements looming on the horizon to make a mess of it all. Maybe I still can't get over how Kanon ended (at least the original series I watched) because that was just really bad. I say all that but I'll stick with it to see how it goes, I'm just not sure it's something you'll be able to get that into.Out of the first episodes I've watched thus far I'd say KimiKiss has probably shown the most promise. Fine, I bashed Clannad for being typical, and KimiKiss looks like being another high school relationship series. However at least this series set up a number of interesting relationships from episode one that make me want to come back for me. The nice character designs don't hurt either. I am something of a sucker for this genre so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this progresses well. With a director like Kasai Kenichi at the helm things ought to do so.Myself; Yourself is more generic fluff young boy returns home to that town he left all those years ago, yada yada. Again, this was okay and I'll give it a shot for a couple more episodes to see where it goes. Doubt it'll be a sticker though. Chiyo-chan's seiyuu being used for a character that is to be objectified is just wrong though.I loved the first arc of Zettai Shonen (lets forget what came after) but Mokke really isn't anything like that. The first episode seemed to race along at 100 MPH, like a number of first episodes from this season actually (Clannad included), and has an oddly budget animation style (very early 90s in aesthetics). This first episode went by so fast it felt impossible to get a grip on anything. Not actively bad unlike Ninomiya-kun (talk about the usual lecherous genericism (not a word, I know) of modern series) but not a series I feel like coming back to.Minami-ke had a pretty funny episode. So many series this year Hidamari, Lucky Star, Potemayo, Zetsubo Sensei have been touted as hilarious and none of them did anything for me. Thus I was eternally thankful that this first episode managed to elict more than just the occasional chuckle from me. I would have preferred a more even-handed look at each of the three sisters, and hopefully that'll come in the next couple of episodes, but this was amusing and promising. Fingers crossed here too.Annnnd that's my long rant on this season based off of the first episodes I've watched thus far ^^
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Thằng ở trên nói CLGT?
You voted 'Sida'.

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