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Sky Girls Ova

Số tập:1OVA
Thời gian chiếu: 25/08/2006
Thể loại: Lolicon, Mecha, Military, Piloted Robots, Post-apocalyptic, Power Suits, SciFi - similar
Nhà sản xuất: Konami Digital Entertainment, JCSTAFF
Nội Dung theo bản TV series gồm 26 ep bởi hãng J.C.Staff..

Trans opBom-sama

Chính TảYononeyu5000

Còn lạixzhggv





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Percy i believe that is very good to put the other toon cards like anneict gear golem toon and the mind control of toon which take monster of opponent when toon world is on the field and switch him in toon monster.or the magic card used in pyramid of light to summon with tribute a tton monster another toon from deck =) in this way the toons monster can be revalutated ^^ thanks for your work for all of use.You make a very very great thing for yu-gi-oh players =)

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