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Tamako Market: Oh Choco Choi-chan


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Núi :mon:
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Đảo hoang :mon:
You voted 'Gay'.
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Đảo đôi :mon:
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Moon :Mon:
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MkLông :mon:
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Moon gì mà Moon :fang:
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Miếng lốt chuột :mon:
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Are they trying to make up to the male adeuince because of putting too many bishies for the female adeuince? Yes, or they just like putting some fanservice. I'm remember X manga by CLAMP. Despite the genre is shoujo, I'm seeing naked hot woman, BDSM and gore everywhere. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:Ah, so true. The villian is typical villain that do evil thing just because he's the VILLAIN. He's just too sudden to be villain. I prefer manipulative bastrad villain that use word rather than his fist.Psycho Pass:Ah, heroine. It seems that shonen/seinen cannot get out from innocent heroine.

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